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The data platform for smart buildings and intelligent sustainability

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The ADAPT platform.

What is it?

Our powerful platform connects vital information to achieve sustainability success, centralising data and insight in a single interface. Whether monitoring building performance, managing Net-Zero and science-based targets or fulfilling reporting requirements, ADAPT delivers assured datasets with tailored outputs aligned to your goals.       

The platform enables you to monitor and manage energy usage, air quality and a range of performance indicators across your portfolio of buildings. Using advanced smart buildings technology, data is comprehensively collated from multiple sources, verified for accuracy and analysed for insight, diagnostics and reporting. 

You can review performance at a granular level to understand how particular buildings, or specific rooms and spaces, are performing. ADAPT’s machine learning capabilities help you to build performance benchmarks and highlight anomalies or potential problems. Combined with the platform’s suite of collaboration tools, you can diagnose issues, alert the right people, and action essential fixes across your portfolio – fast. All within the platform.

Understanding building performance is more vital than ever, to provide the reassurance that occupants are in safe, healthy spaces. ADAPT provides complete visibility and control, mitigating risks and optimising building performance.

ADAPT also provides the data for accurate and efficient mandatory and voluntary sustainability reporting for major regulations and frameworks.

Put ADAPT at the heart of your sustainability programme.

The best platform. The best people

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Collect and report asset data at a granular level across your portfolio – providing data visibility from the boiler room to the boardroom.

We have over 850 million rows of data stored for Village Hotels in ADAPT, collecting half hourly data for gas and electricity across all main meters in 31 hotels.”

Jamie Wise

Senior Energy Performance Consultant,
Carbon Intelligence

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Build a transparent, comprehensive view of performance across your building portfolios and your sustainability programmes.

We set ourselves an ambitious science-based target. The data from ADAPT helped us define our target, manage the programme and report on our progress and success.”

Cian Duggan

Chief Innovation Officer,
Carbon Intelligence

Move faster

Get actionable insights and tailored recommendations based on live data, so you can assign tasks, resolve issues, and reduce costs.

The level of insight provided by the programme… allowed us to quickly achieve significant energy savings and has driven proactive maintenance to rectify site issues.”

Edward Dowden

Technical Services Manager,
BNP Paribas

Our people-first platform

Connected carbon data

Link any data source, from basics like electricity and water, to more complex data sets including air quality, waste and travel, as well data from internal platforms.

Multi-layered data

Get a complete view on your data at the portfolio, building, and component level.

Simplified reporting

Access all your data in one place and carry out annual reporting for GRESB, SECR, GRI, and others with ease.

Near real-time analytics

Get updated data every 30 minutes.

Secure storage hub

Access and share all your reports, engagement collateral, and project details.

Task assignments

Annotate data and set actions for individuals, teams or CI consultants to ensure action is taken instantly and issues are corrected.

Unique dashboards

Create bespoke dashboards, tailored to the needs of individual and team stakeholders.

Machine learning

Receive instant alerts about anomalies in building performance.

Our clients

How ADAPT enables
sustainability programmes


ADAPT delivers the insight that can help inform the development of your strategic sustainability roadmap and help optimise your approach at every stage.


Built to deliver a variety of information to a variety of user groups, ADAPT underpins the processes to implement sustainability programmes across your business.


Collected, verified and processed through a state-of-the-art, AI-enabled SaaS platform, ADAPT delivers instant, detailed and accurate sustainability performance data.


ADAPT’s collaboration tools bring colleagues together in the pursuit of optimisations and improvements, plus the platform can be a secure repository for sustainability-focused information.


The platform’s suite of solutions deliver the visibility and control so building portfolios can be optimised and enhanced to improve energy performance, mitigate risk and enhance occupants’ experiences.


ADAPT seamlessly delivers mandatory and voluntary reporting data throughout an organisation, so you can demonstrate your commitments with transparency and accuracy.

Dashboards show interesting views of data, but that’s only one part of what an organisation needs. To deliver change, you need technology that can identify and, crucially, address issues that may put your net zero commitments at risk. That’s where ADAPT comes in. It’s built for sustainability action.”

Kesi Courtman, Senior Consultant

Why choose ADAPT

Proven platform

ADAPT makes the difficult data tasks easy for you: it collects data from multiple sources, verifies its accuracy and formulates data for easy analysis and reporting

Ease of use

ADAPT makes the difficult data tasks easy for you: it collects data from multiple sources, verifies its accuracy and formulates data for easy analysis and reporting

Foundation for 6D

The platform gives you verified data from multiple data points, plus actionable insights and consultancy to support confident progress toward net zero goals.

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