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Events and Webinars

Join us for events and webinars that help reach your sustainability goals.

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Webinar Recording | Net Zero Real Assets: from Ambition to Reality

Hear from Aviva Investors and Federated Hermes about how they got the buy-in for making net zero buildings part of their sustainability strategy, and how to maintain stakeholder engagement in the long term. Our team shares expertise on what makes a credible net zero pathway and gives you the actionable insight to tackle some of the challenges you're facing.

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Webinar Recording | Sustainability in a Time of Crisis: Engaging your people

Watch our live webinar, in partnership with Vodafone, on how to engage a remote workforce to achieve sustainability goals in a virtual environment. Join us to discuss the importance of remaining sustainable during times of remote working, and how businesses large and small can play their part with their workforce.

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Webinar Recording | Saving cost in times of low occupancy

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand how remotely monitoring assets helps save cost and increase the efficiency of day to day operations, but also provides much needed increased control during a crisis. Many organisations face new challenges during COVID-19, from coordinating shutdown in response to low occupancy paired with the remaining pressure to keep costs down.

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Webinar Recording: RESET and Air Quality

Learn how the RESET ™ standard can transform your control over indoor air quality in this on-demand webinar.

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Webinar Recording: CDP Disclosure

Learn how to deliver action and impact through your CDP disclosure response in this on-demand webinar.

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Webinar Recording | SECR: How to Streamline your Energy and Carbon Reporting

Learn how to Streamline your Energy and Carbon Reporting and maximise value for your business on our on-demand webinar

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