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Webinar Recording: RESET and Air Quality

Building air quality

The RESET™ standard is a results-driven, globally recognised badge of air quality. It is the only continuous building air quality standard based on real-time data, allowing for deep insight and control.


Challenges of air quality

Understand the challenges of measuring indoor air quality as a part of a wellbeing programme

RESET certification explored

Learn what RESET certification could do for your buildings, and the right approach to becoming RESET certified.

Real-world success

See how to build support and agreement in your business, and hear real-life stories of RESET programmes in action.

Benefits of RESET


Better air quality

Your air quality challenge
Maintaining air quality for healthy buildings is challenging. As building owners and managers know, air quality is a major component of occupier wellbeing that they can control in the workspace environment.
Better air quality
Our experts explain how the RESET standard of air quality can help property owners and managers to: • Attract better tenants • Maintain asset value • Reduce the potential liability associated with underperforming buildings

Our expert speakers

Our webinar participants will share their insights and experiences on this topic with you.

Sam Carson
Director of Sustainability, Carbon Intelligence
Raefer Wallis
Architect & Founder of GIGA, RESET
Brendan Rouse
Sustainability Manager, Landsec
Shane Caldwell
Senior Property Manager, IPUT

Watch the webinar now

Get the insights you need on RESET, building air quality and wellbeing with this on-demand webinar.

Watch now