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Webinar Recording: Understanding SECR

Get more from your CDP reporting

In 2018, the UK government announced the outcome of the consultation on mandatory Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). If your organisation is a UK registered quoted or large unquoted company or LLP, SECR will apply to you. View this pre-recorded webinar on demand, to learn more.


Navigating the new world of SECR

What can companies and LLPs do to prepare for SECR reporting?

Background to SECR: Who, What and When?

Insights from the UK Government’s Head of Business and Industrial Energy Efficiency, Tax and Reporting.

Goals of SECR


Implications of SECR

Goals of SECR
SECR is part of a package of changes announced by the government which aims to reduce the burden of the current suite of reporting requirements while further incentivising energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.
Implications of SECR
• What this means for your business • When SECR will start and who will qualify • What will be reported under SECR • What you can start to do now to prepare for SECR • What this means for CRC participants

Our expert speakers

Our webinar participants will share their insights and experiences on this topic with you.

Gary Shanahan
Head of Business and Industrial Energy Efficiency, Tax and Reporting at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Gary explains the government viewpoint on SECR.

Richard Tarboton
Director of Strategic Services at Carbon Intelligence

Richard is a member of the Board of Carbon Intelligence and leads client engagements in the areas of Strategy and Risk. With his extensive experience in strategy development, he works with global businesses to develop new strategies and transform their performance.

Alison Mungall
Compliance Director at Carbon Intelligence

Alison has been actively involved with all aspects of the CRC and ESOS schemes since their inception. Alison is a member of the government's CRC and ESOS Operations Liaison Group and has played an active role in the consultation process for CRC simplification and SECR.

Watch the webinar now

Get the insights you need on SECR with this on-demand webinar.