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Companies that have set net zero targets

By Grace Melville
7th May 2020

Following the UK Government’s announcement to be Net Zero by 2050 many businesses have set their own ambitious targets to tackle climate change.

With more and more companies joining the race to net zero, targets are becoming more ambitious and on tighter timelines. This level of ambition is inspiring but targets must stand up to scrutiny. The journey of how a company gets to net zero is just as important as simply getting there. Below is a list of companies who have recently aligned their company strategy and brand to place net zero at the forefront of their business.

Recent net zero announcements – insights

British Airways (11 October 2019)  net zero by 2050

Ikea (27 November 2019) ‘climate-positive’ by 2030

Land Securities (8 November 2019) net zero emissions by 2030

National Trust (9 January 2020) net zero emissions by 2030

Microsoft (16 January 2020) net zero by 2030, with an additional goal of removing all carbon emitted since it was founded in 1975

AstraZeneca (22 January 2020) carbon-negative by 2030, and net zero operational carbon emissions by 2025

Sainsbury’s (28 January 2020) net zero emissions by 2040

Mace (29 January 2020) net zero carbon by 2020

EY (31 January 2020) carbon neutral by 2020

Sky (4 February 2020) net zero by 2030

BP (12 Febraury 2020) net zero by 2050

Barclays (30 March 2020) net zero by 2050

Shell (20 April 2020) net zero by 2050

CMS (24 April 2020) net zero by 2025

Total  (5 May 2020) net zero by 2050


What you can do next

Before setting a net zero target, it is imperative that a business develops a clear roadmap of the actions that will reduce its own emissions as far as possible in the first instance.  Announcing a net zero target without a clear strategic roadmap may well have the opposite effect to what was intended – it risks damaging your green credentials more than enhancing them. Our team of carbon experts are working across a range a sectors to develop credible net zero strategies and we can help you and your board set a strategy that will stand the test of time and position your business as a true market leader.

Click on the link below to download the Carbon Intelligence Net Zero Guide.

https://carbon.ci/landingpages/net zero-the-guide-for-business/

Contact a member of the team at Carbon Intelligence if you would like to check if your net zero target strategy will stand up to scrutiny and how it compares to others in your sector. Email info@carbon.ci