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Media Coverage | Carbon Intelligence exclusively reveals the impact of COVID-19 on building energy consumption

By Cian Duggan
22nd April 2020

Businesses can do much more to cut carbon and save costs during the COVID-19 lockdown reveals latest data from Carbon Intelligence who tracked and analysed energy usage from 300 buildings during this period.

Covering the commercial office, retail and hotel sectors we collected data using smart building analytics to track energy usage in buildings. This data has allowed us to see the average energy reduction in buildings since lockdown and compare between the best and worst performing buildings.

“Unfortunately the vast majority of buildings are not managed well”

The research has been covered in Estates Gazette highlighting that some of the worst performing buildings have reduced their energy by as little as 3% since lockdown began, an issue that our co-founder Cian Duggan points out doesn’t just stop with wasting energy. “Unfortunately the vast majority of buildings are not managed well”, the cost and carbon impact of buildings not running efficiently during lockdown will be a significant issue for facilities managements teams.

We have recently published our ‘Quick Wins to Managing Facilities during COVID-19 Lockdown’ to help you manage facilities proactively and start saving cost today.


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