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MockCOP | Young climate activists hosted own climate talks after COP26 delay

By Grace Melville
25th November 2020

Young climate activists have begun a parallel process to the UN climate crisis talks, in frustration at the lack of progress they perceive in world governments’ efforts to address the emergency.

From 19 November to 01 December 2020, more than 350 delegates from 150 countries will unite for Mock COP26, a two-week virtual  climate conference  to drive climate action and challenge world leaders to do better.
View the full programme here

Chloe Broom, Analyst at Carbon Intelligence, created a speech with the aim to highlight how critical the role of business is in tackling climate change, how it can be done and to inspire the next generation of young people to work in sustainability. Watch her full speech below.


So why should businesses act?

  1. Government policies alone won’t help us reach our climate goals and limit global warming to 1.5C. Businesses need to step up and close the gap. 
  2. A large proportion of environmental issues we face today are because of the way businesses operate – businesses have a collective opportunity to lead the drive to netzero, and therefore a responsibility to do so.
  3. Businesses are powerful – businesses have power over their own operations to decarbonise and influence behaviour change from suppliers and competitors. Their central place in our lives means they’re perfectly positioned to create a domino effect. 
  4. Staying competitive – it’s a race to net zero, to stay ahead of competitors businesses will need to adapt. Pressure will also come from investors as they increasingly demand transparency of a company’s carbon footprint. 


How MockCOP works

  • The conference features empowering keynotes and panels by global names and youth activists. Discussions will be framed around five conference themes: climate justice, education, health and mental health, green jobs, and carbon reduction targets (NDCs).
  • The conference will culminate in a powerful statement from the young delegates, which will be presented to world leaders to raise ambition ahead of COP26.  
  • Following the event, delegates will be supported and mentored to engage their domestic politicians in the run up to COP26.
  • Mock COP will have significantly lower emissions than a ‘real’ COP and will be carbon neutral. The carbon emissions of a ‘real’ COP is 59,020 tonnes of CO2, whereas MockCOP will produce only 39 tonnes of CO2 and this will be offset.
  • Over 800 young people have applied to attend Mock COP26, with the highest number of applicants from India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines. 
  • High profile speakers include the UN Envoy on Youth, Jayathma Wickramanayake and the COP26 Champion for UN Climate Talks, Nigel Topping. 


Pauline Owiti, Mock COP26 organiser, Kenya, said: “I believe young people are a major resource for development and key agents for change. The involvement of young people in decision making should be a priority, as we have the power to solve the challenges we face in the world. Yet we are often sidelined. With Mock COP26 we have the opportunity to contribute something meaningful to society and change the perception of youth leadership.” 


Learn more

Download | The Guide to Science-Based Targets

Download | Net Zero: The Guide for Business 

If you would like to hear more about how we’re helping global business tackle climate change contact us today info@carbon.ci

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