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Our platform

Where companies calculate and reduce their carbon exposure across a complex network of suppliers, operations and investments.

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Replace ratings and benchmarks with real data

The next-generation platform from Carbon Intelligence supports each stage of your carbon reduction journey. Now you can easily overcome the complex challenge of calculating, verifying and improving your true carbon and offset liability position.

Due to the nature of business interconnectivity, it’s hard to accurately record real emissions and assess the impact of reductions. Our platform allows you to capture and visualise thousands of emissions data points, not just for reporting but also for business transformation. New levels of data quality analysis throughout your value-chain highlight exactly where your emissions sit and how they are changing. Better data will help you scale and accelerate net zero programmes like never before.

It’s a pioneering new approach that applies transparent, data quality measures so you can work from real data instead of benchmarks or ratings. This enables you to take immediate decarbonising action to reach sustainability goals faster and reduce your offset liabilities.

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The platform transforming carbon reduction

Our real-time platform supports each stage of your carbon reduction journey. From target setting to engaging the most complex supply chains, you can scale your carbon reduction programme with speed and precision.

Gather ESG data from your organisation, supply chain and investments

Aggregate accurate Scope 1, 2, 3 data using robust GHG calculation engines

See a single view of emissions to instantly discover and address hotspots

Rank your suppliers by emissions, spend and maturity

Prioritise, plan and execute engagement activities

Create and track a decarbonisation plan to reach short- and long-term goals

Create value through your 3-phase journey

Phase 1. Understand your position

Drawing on over 10 years deep experience of GHG accounting principles and the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate datasets, our platform will calculate a detailed picture of your carbon footprint.

  • Map your emissions boundary conditions and activities.
  • Collect operational and value chain data, then calculate and rank Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
  • Create bespoke reports, including industry-specific reporting such as SASB, SFDR, TCFD or GRESB

Phase 2. Evaluate your requirements

With faster access to more accurate information, you can create action plans that will deliver business value from the moment you start using the platform.

  • Identify and analyse data gaps and pinpoint critical emissions hotspots.
  • Compare and benchmark your performance against our database of emissions factors.
  • Discover which suppliers contribute most to your organisation’s Scope 3 GHG footprint.

Phase 3. Reach your goals

Our software enhances the value derived from data to improve your performance, bringing carbon reduction targets within reach.

  • Target high-priority suppliers to reduce Scope 3 emissions and see which suppliers are already reporting.
  • Select industry-leading engagement programmes, or create your own, to connect with internal stakeholders and supply chain partners.
  • Monitor progress through real-time dashboards.

Intelligent carbon reduction delivered

What makes us different?

1. Expertise

Carbon Intelligence is the leading data-driven consultancy – prominent and innovative businesses are seeking out our proven and trusted insights to help them take action for a better future.

2. Experience

Intelligent carbon reduction is about business model change - we are a trusted partner to household names adjusting to this new world.

3. Integrity

Business leaders need accurate and transparent data to substantiate claims and monitor the impact of business decisions - we are building the industry’s largest, most accurate emissions datasets.

4. Transparency

Providing a clear view of exactly how data is derived, whether by emission factor estimates, public reporting or real-time calculations.

5. Future-facing

Our platform is built and designed for the interconnected world of emissions, based on established carbon accounting principles to satisfy current and future regulation and reporting requirements.

6. Global

Our self-serve cloud-based platform is priced to serve client value chains all around the world.

With Carbon Intelligence, decarbonisation opportunities become clearer and future goals more achievable”

Our clients

Your carbon transformation starts here

Join our global network of forward-thinking companies that are taking control of emissions and offset reductions on our platform.